What is GETA?

We are a group of individuals who have been inspired by Fr Paul's work in Uganda. We have decided to support his project by raising funds in the UK to help him continue his amazing work. Find out more about us in the meet the team page.

We are raising money through various events set up by the team, or by supporting those who wish to contribute in their own ways.

You can support us by coming to an event, organising an event of your own, or simply by donating some money. Find out more about how to get involved here.

What's happening?

Woke up this morning and the weather didn't look good - heavy rain was forecast, but fortunately it cleared by start time - 10.00a.m. - and the run was going very well until the final mile when it might have been better opting for swimming gear as we were hit by a torrential downpour.

St Theresa’s School is a major project by Fr. Paul Bigirwa’s organisation, “Sustainable Action For Rural Sector” (SARS). They have previously set up a health centre in an area which had no health facility or access to health care. St Theresa Nursery and Primary School has been an ongoing project...

As you can see, I finally managed to get round to doing the “replacement” half-marathon to make up for the Salomon Richmond Half on 18th March 2018, which was cancelled due the extremely bad weather (if you can remember back that far!) Of course, that was followed by a lengthy period of the...

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Together, and with God's help, we are making a difference.